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Focus on Customer Service

John Howe


Focus on Customer Service

The definition of Customer is "a buyer of goods or services." One of the definitions of Service is "friendly help."  So why is it so hard to find these days?  Customer Service, where have you gone?


When you place an order for title work do you always get the best possible Customer Service? Do you always get to talk to the nicest people on the phone who are ready and willing to help?  Does this very important part of the transaction help you to feel confident about whether the title company is getting it right?

The same question applies to receiving your title commitment in a timely manner, and receiving an accurate product; scheduling the closing and getting your closing figures in an appropriate time frame so everyone knows what to bring to closing.  These things are important parts of a sale of real estate and need to be completed in a manner acceptable to you and your clients, buyer or seller.

Delays and problems are somewhat inherent to a real estate transaction, so the thing that sometimes become most important is how well your title company handles those problems that crop up.  Do they notify you in a timely manner when there are problems in the chain of title which may cause a delay?  Are they friendly and courteous when working with you to resolve title clearance issues or problems with escrows or funding?  Some of the things you can do to assist the title company in providing you with excellent customer service is to order the title work early in the process and send in a complete copy of the sales contract, including any addendums, changes, adjustments, counter offers, etc. along with copies of prior title policies if available.  There is no worse feeling at the closing table when we find out that the sales price has chanced and we didn't know about it, or worse yet, the lender doesn't know.   A last minute change like that could cause the transaction to be reviewed or recast by the lender's underwriting department, which could create a very unwelcome delay, a lot of stress for the parties, and a collapse of Customer Service.

At Benchmark Title our motto is "Quality, Accuracy, Service." There is that word, "service" again, and we pride ourselves on hitting the mark on each and every deal we handle for you, our valued customer.  Which is why we've developed the "ONLYS."  The "ONLYS" are the extra things we do for you that you can't get anywhere else.  These are the things that help Benchmark outshine our competition, and help you to provide the best possible Customer Service to your clients.   ONLY Benchmark has SureClose, an online transaction management system which gives you free access to your title and escrow documents 24/7. ONLY Benchmark offers you Docs on Disc, providing copies of your closing documents on a CD at closing.  ONLY Benchmark gives "Policy at the Table", allowing you to leave the closing table with owners and loan policies of title insurance in hand.  That is our definition of Customer Service - going above and beyond to give you the best, so you in turn can give the best to your clients. 
"Benchmark Title - Simply the best!"


Any questions can be directed to Benchmark Title at 618-239-3750. Please feel free to call or email:  

John Howe

Doreen Miller, Esq.
Vice President and General Counsel

Michelle Null
VP Escrow Operations

Bethany Bond
Marketing Director

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Benchmark Title is celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary!!!

With 10 years of the highest quality of service, & the most accurate product in the industry, we would like to say
Thank You for making us successful!!!!

Bring us your title order on May 9th and May 16th to receive 10% off your title premium!!!
Dates to Remember
May 12 - Please wish our Employee Michele Schuetz a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

May 29 - Please wish our President John Howe a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

June 6, 2008 - First Horizon Golf Tournament for Habitat for Humanity at Arlington Golf Course.  Contact Jamie Hollenkamp at 618-288-8656 or at

Did you say free?

Be the first in your office to try out, Benchmark Title's new FREE online transaction management system. Why waste time making status phone calls or standing by the fax waiting for your title commitment when you can get what you need instantly from your own computer. Visit for more information or call April Tolan, our SureClose Specialist, at 618-239-3750 for your sign-on so you can start saving yourself time and money today. We'll even give you and your clients a free CD at closing containing copies of their closing documents.

Give me my policy!

Did you know that lenders and home buyers now receive their title policies at the closing table? Contact Michelle Null, VP Escrow Operations, to learn more about this exciting new program.

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Lenders and homeowners will want to hear about our fantastically low new refinance rates. Contact us today for a quote!

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After your closing please call our customer feedback line at (618)310-1307 ext. 26 and leave your comments. We will send you a token of our appreciation for your time.

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